DEUCG2020 Presentation Program
Masahiro Onuma_Japan

Masahiro Onuma has expertise in oxidative disease prevention to use non-medical product based on GSK’s experience of Allopurinol which is the strongest anti-oxidant efficacy in this world. He creates new indication of Allopurinol for stomatitis induced by cancer treatment which was approved by the Japanese Cancer treatment committee to propose new mechanism of Allopurinol for anti-oxidant. And now, there are so many new research papers of Allopurinol in the world.

Germanyuk Tamara_National Pirogov Memorial Medical University_Tolstoy_Vinnytsia_Ukraine

Germanyuk Tamara, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Tolstoy str.17/4, Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

Ivko Tanya_National Pirogov Memorial Medical University_Tolstoy_Vinnytsia_Ukraine

Ivko Tanya, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Pirogov str 56, Vinnytsya, Ukraine.

Dr. Alan R. Hipkiss_Department of Experimental Therapeutics_William Harvey Research Institute_Charterhouse Square_London_UK

Dr. Alan R. Hipkiss, William Harvey Research Institute, UK

Stanley Schwartz_Diabetes_Cardiometabolic Syndrome_Endocrinology_Internal Medicine

Prof. Stanley Schwartz, Diabetes Cardio metabolic Syndrome Endocrinology Internal Medicine, USA received his MD from the University of Chicago, completed his residency at the University of Pennsylvania and an Endocrine Fellowship at the University of Chicago. Dr. Schwartz actively lectures worldwide. This he received invitations to lecture in Switzerland, Belgium and Tunisia, including an invitation to give two lectures at the 30th International Critical Care Symposium (ISICEM). He has authored numerous articles and is a co-investigator of DCCT-EDIC and LOOK AHEAD trials. He is an author of the Self-assessment Program of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2007/2008, and 2009 AACE Guidelines. He is a member or fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (London), EASD, the IDF, the ADA, the Endocrine Society and the American College of Physicians. Though he does some research and teaches, most of his time is spent caring for patients.

Dr. Tarek Abdel Hadi Ali, Egypt has completed his basic medical degree and Qualification, M.B,Ch.B., in 1982 at Cairo University, then completed his postgraduate Master of science degree, M.Sc.(intern. Medicine) In 1986 and Doctorate degree in internal Med., Ph.D., in 1991 at Cairo university, Egypt. and got his MRCP (UK),1989.HE Worked as clinical teacher and staff member at Cairo University, from clinical demonstrator in 1987 to Ass. Lecturer in 1989 , to Lecturer in 1992, to Associate Professor in 1997, then to full professor of internal medicine in addition, Prof. Ali has got a degree in legal sciences and philosophy and jurisiprudences from faculty of law at Al-Azhar University, Egypt, and he is a qualified as a lawyer and medicolegal researcher and philosopher and thinker in the relation between medicine and law as well as in the philosophy of medicine and law and has writings in Clinical Logic and its implementation in Clinical Practice. International experience as a consultant and lecturer in internal medicine in many countries, including Egypt, Iran, K.S.A, Yemen, UK and UAE.. His points of research and interest and publications  in various internal medicine disciplines, especially CVM and endocrine and metabolic medicine and cardioneurologic correlations.

Dr. John Shillingford, UK

Manjari Chandra, India Qualified in Hospital Administration, Manjari Chandra has a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. She is a Diabetes Consultant and Educator, Onco-nutritionist, Functional Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist and has an advanced certification in Intravenous Nutrition Therapy and Chelation. She is a guest speaker and expert panelist at several National Seminars and Continuous Medical Education programs and a keynote speaker at public health conferences at FSSAI, FICCI, ASSOCHAM and ISMA.

Dr. Ammar Ibrahim, Dominican Republic

Claudia Verduguez Guzman, Bolivia

Anja Barac is graduated from the University of Zagreb, School of medicine. Now, she is an endocrinology and diabetology resident in General hospital Dubrovnik. She attended numerous medical congresses actively.